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A Journey From Toastmasters To Joining Hubspot

Posted by Vu Long Tran

Oct 13, 2015, 10:43 AM

Vu Long Tran Dear ToastSpotters, and fellow readers,Having been a member of various Toastmasters clubs, beginning in Melbourne, Australia back in 2007, I’ve had quite a few experiences that have helped shape me into the person I am today. But to truly understand present day me, it’s important to understand how I first became involved in an organization that has had such a profound impact on me.

How did I become a part of Toastmasters?

I joined Toastmasters based on the advice of one of my university mentors who suggested that it would be a great learning environment to be in. I didn't know what to expect or how it would be structured – I only knew that it would be great for improving my communication, teamwork and leadership skills. Equally as important – I knew it would be a great opportunity to meet some great new people. 

During my Toastmasters experience, I learnt a lot about myself, about how to analyse a speech, and how to break a speech into many pieces. I played the role of webmaster, VP of Education where I helped people with their personal growth, and I even played the role of a judge for speaking competitions. I didn’t know how much I would grow as a person, and was surprised at how much fun was having doing it. Toastmasters has been an amazing experience. 

One of the great things about the Toastmasters program is being able to participate and visit Toastmaster clubs all around the world. I have had visitors from Europe visit the club in Melbourne, Australia. As a member, you have the ability to do the same, visiting other clubs around the world as a guest. (You can even do a speech if you like - just let the club President know in advance).

Where I am now post-Toastmasters?

Truth be told, it's actually been a while since I have officially been part of Toastmasters. However, the lessons I learned from my club in 2009 are still proving valuable today. I’m still on a path of continuous improvement. The skills and insights learned through the program are applicable in my everyday life, not just professionally at work. I have done speeches for my community clubs, including presenting a Young Citizens of Hobsons Bay local council award. It's given me the confidence and the skills to do this. It’s no secret that practice makes perfect. So I have practiced a lot both during and after Toastmasters. 

When I heard that HubSpot has its very own Toastmasters club called, "ToastSpot," I was immediately keen to check it out. I now live in Singapore, and am an active blogger. I actually have two blogs - one specifically on Singapore and another is a How To and Lifestyle blog, and, respectively.

It's sure been an amazing journey. I hope your time with Toastmasters will be as enjoyable as mine has been.

Thanks for reading about my story. Feel free to reach out to me directly if you would like to find out more details.



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