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A Response to a Well Thought-Out Excuse

Posted by Loree McDonald

Sep 3, 2013, 9:00 AM

Here's the thing - I know you're busy.

I know that dedicating just one more hour a week to something sounds like it's one more hour a week of time you'd rather be sitting at home eating dinner. One more hour a week of time you could be talking to your best friend. One more hour a week at the gym.

I know - trust me.

However let's look at the facts here:

  • You're smart - wicked smaht in fact
  • You're already quite successful 
  • You know how to speak in front of people
  • You are always on point and never have a bad interaction

Wait - no that last one isn't quite right... I mean, sometimes you do have a bad interaction.
Or they just really seem to not be engaged when you're talking to them.
Or you will stutter over a fact and the person will totally call you on it.
Or when you make a point and everyone just looks at you and there's that super awkward pause.
Ugh don't you hate that? 

Yes. I do hate that. 

You know what helps? Being terrified.

Okay well maybe not terrified.

But when you put yourself out there to speak in front of a group of people, and sometimes have to come up with something in-the-moment, you get much better at talking to just one person... especially when you have to come up with something in-the-moment.

Public Speaking is a skill that you can take to a place like Inbound where you're talking in front of hundreds (if not thousands) of people. It's also a skill you can take to your team meetings - when you have an idea on how to fix the problem at hand and you really need to create buy-in. It's even a skill you take when speaking to just one person and you want to appear calm and confident.

Being a strong speaker makes you look smart, confident, and will grant you access into really awesome opportunities. You could be sent to speak at a HubSpot event in another city, you could be asked to speak at one of our conferences, you could be given extra leadership responsibilities within your team.

Alright, alright. So you're on board.



Now what?

Well this whole Toastmasters thing - that's actually the whole idea. This organization was created to help you get better at public speaking and become a better leader.

So quit making excuses, grab a beer, and meet with us this Thursday at 6:00pm in Benioff. It's an hour of time where you get to hear people speak, you get to laugh at Improv exercises, and you will even get to meet some new HubSpotters from all different departments (last one is optional - feel free to sit there awkwardly by yourself). 


We meet every other week - so check out the calendar here: Meeting Calendar  


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