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It's Election Season! Announcing ToastSpot Elections 2013

Posted by Ellie Mirman

May 16, 2013, 9:30 AM

vote-vaguelyartisticIt's hard to believe that another year has passed for HubSpot Toastmasters. It's election season again, which means we're looking for our next crop of officers to lead our growing group.

Whether you're considering taking on an officer role or you simply want to be an informed voter, here's all the info you need.

Election Season Timeline

  • Thursday, May 16: Nominations Open - Nominate yourself or another ToastSpotter to be an officer here.
  • Thursday, June 6: Open House - All HubSpotters are welcome to come see what ToastSpot is all about. We'll also have all of our officers in attendance so anyone interested in taking a role can ask questions about any of the roles.
  • Friday, June 14: Nominations Due
  • Thursday, June 20: Elections - Cast your vote and join the live meeting to be first to hear the results of the elections! (Note: there will be a remote voting option for official members.)

Why be an officer?

There are three levels of participation in Toastmasters: (1) attend meetings and participate as you like, (2) become an official member (HubSpot is sponsoring the memberships!) to do prepared speeches and earn certification, (3) be an officer and help make the group awesome.

Benefits to being an officer:

  1. Take a leadership role at HubSpot - Get recognized as a leader at HubSpot and prepare yourself for other leadership roles that become available.
  2. Get experience running a program - Toastmasters is a self-supported group of HubSpotters, and the leaders of the group make it happen. You have the opportunity to make it into something awesome and get the experience of building something.
  3. Boost your resume - In addition to the resume-building benefits of participating and getting certified at Toastmasters, being an officer (and showing what you've accomplished in that role) can pump up your resume.

What are the positions?

All positions are open for elections!

  1. President:
    • Serves as the club's CEO, responsible for general operation of the club. Directs the club in a way that meets the educational growth and leadership needs of members.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current President: Ellie Mirman
  2. VP Education:
    • Promotes the educational benefits of Toastmasters participation and orients new members to the club. Each member gets a mentor (another member) that works with them and pushes them in their leadership and communication goals. Supports the evaluators to make sure they know how to provide great evaluations to speakers. Administers speech contests and other activities to promote the growth and participation of members.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current VP Education: Maggie Georgieva
  3. VP Membership:
    • Plans, organizes, and implements a continuous marketing efforts, ensuring the club maintains or exceeds 20 members. Works with groups inside and outside Toastmasters to promote club membership and membership retention. Prepares and maintains membership lists, dues payments, and attendance reports for Toastmasters International.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current VP Membership: Sarah Bedrick
  4. VP Marketing:
    • Develops, implements, and executes on marketing activities for the club (both inside and outside HubSpot). Responsible for any marketing of the club and representing the club in any media.
    • Quesitons about this role? Ask the current co-VPs Marketing: Nick Salvatoriello and Steve Haase
  5. Treasurer:
    • Manage all the finances of the group, including managing the dues payments (sponsored by HubSpot) and any other expenses and budget the group may have.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current Treasurer: Amy Ullman
  6. Secretary:
    • Responsible for all club records and correspondence. Keeps all official club documents and submits updated membership and officer records to Toastmasters International. Records minutes at officer meetings and orders any Toastmasters supplies.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current Secretary: Anand Rajaram
  7. Sergeant of Arms:
    • Serves as the master host, preparing any physical space requirements (booking rooms, having chairs, etc.) for club meetings and supports any social events planned by the club.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current Sergeant of Arms: Brittany Leaning
  8. New Member Chair:
    • Works with the VP Membership to bring on new members - welcoming guests to meetings and encouraging interested prospects to become new members, set their goals, and get connected with a mentor.
    • This is a new role! Since this person will work with the VP Membership, direct your questions to our current officer: Sarah Bedrick
  9. Member Education Chair:
    • Works with the VP Education to ensure that members are reaching their personal and professional goals. Supports the mentorship program, club meeting attendance, and overall health of the member base.
    • This is a new role! Since this person will work the VP Education, direct your questions to our current officer: Maggie Georgieva
  10. Speaker Program Chair:
    • Acts as the liaison with the Speaker Program Manager on the marketing team and helps interested ToastSpotters qualify for external speaking opportunities and get those opportunities.
    • This is a new role! Direct your questions to our interim speaker program manager: Ellie Mirman

All officers meet periodically to plan and execute on club operations and growth.

Submit Your Nomination!

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