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How to pick a memorable speech topic

Posted by Loree McDonald

Mar 17, 2014, 2:30 PM

So it's the week of your Toastmasters speech - and the only reason you remembered is because your mentor ping-ed you on HipChat and asked if you wanted to rehearse and get some feedback... Great! You're excited, you've been waiting, and now you have no idea how to pull it all together...

You begin frantically searching YouTube and Googling "Toastmasters Speech" and hoping someone has posted something revolutionary that will blow your audience away.


But that's not you - yes the interpretation on how the world would be if the black plague hadn't hit Europe is interesting, and sure you believe confidence and body language is important - but you're going to have to do hours of research to put this all together... and then memorizing those facts? Ugh. Skip that please.

Meanwhile... you've come onto some article on BuzzFeed about how Jennifer Lawrence is the most graceful clumsy celebrity. Have they already forgotten miss Bridget Jones? Well I guess she was a character.

 ....Anyway... I wish I could just present about BuzzFeed....

Wait - YOU CAN!


That's the beauty of the Toastmasters program - you can literally speak about anything (use good judgment) and use the manual as a structure for planning out your speech and the objectives you want to hit.

The idea within Toastmasters is to deliver speeches that are passionate and informative and compelling. If you're passionate about BuzzFeed, tell us! If you know a ton about bioluminescent creatures - share what you know! If you have a compelling story about your gluten-free adventure, bring it on.


Be yourself. Be confident.And take some risks!
Some of the most memorable speeches come from a little risk taking. Why not share? 

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