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Recap and Lessons Learned from my 1st HubSpot External Speaking Experience

Posted by Nick Salvatoriello

Apr 12, 2013, 9:11 AM


I wanted to write and let our subscribers know that my 1st speaking opportunity outside of HubSpot was... a success!

How did I qualify for such an opportunity to speak on HubSpot's behalf, outside the company?  

I qualified for HubSpot's external speaking program, which is sponsored by HubSpot Toastmasters!


What was the audience and the topic I spoke on?

“How To Pitch Business”
That’s the topic for Marketing to the High End Bride XV, which took place Thursday, March 21st at the beautiful Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Boston.

Here is an overview of the event/topic that was posted on the event organizer's website:

View a screen-recording recapping my experience, some of the content I presented, and my lessons learned from the event:


Click here to view my recap presentation

So, how did I do on the video? How many crutch words? ;)  Feel free to give me my uh/um count in the comments below!


Key Take-Aways and Resources:

The most gratifying part of the whole experience?  The thank you messages from the event organizers....sent directly to Mike Volpe!  See the thoughtful note sent by Randy Cronk, who helped organize the event to our VP of Marketing, Mike Volpe:

Hi Mike --

I just wanted to say a big THANK YOU to two of your stars, Nick and Judy, for all the great content they provided at a panel yesterday hosted by my wife, Arlene, that took place in the main ballroom of the Mandarin Oriental, Boston.

Arlene produces and hosts a twice-yearly event called "Marketing to the High-End Bride," the largest gathering of wedding industry professionals in New England. Yesterday's panel topic was "How to Pitch Business" and Judy and Nick brought the inbound marketing perspective.

The audience really seemed excited and a lot of business cards were exchanged -- so thanks also to HubSpot for making these great people available.


Isn't that nice that the organizers of the event followed up like that?  And also, Mike Volpe saw the email responded with a thank you that very same day!  This put me on the map, baby!  ;)


Pro Tip for External Speaking Opportunities: Always send a thank you note and include your fellow panelists!

This is definitely a tip worth remembering - if you're invited to speak, especially on a panel, the pro's will follow up THAT DAY with a thank you note to the organizers and the panelists who helped them shine.  Follow up is so important.  If you'd like to see an example from one of our panelists, Bonita, check out what she shares in her thank you note here:

Bonita wrote:
"Thank you for including me as a panelist for the incredible HEB XV event this morning!! It was a true honor. Everyone did a wonderful, and the venue just looked stunning (not that I expected anything less).

Hope you received some great feedback, and can't wait to hear what people conveyed on the comment cards.

Talk soon,

In Conclusion:

It was an honor to be a part of the panel, to represent our company and to serve my fellow colleagues in the wedding industry.  I got a huge boost from knowning I could use my speaking talents and skills developed in HubSpot Toastmasters to help others outside our company to succeed and grow their businesses and themselves professionally. There's so much potential for all of us, if we can find more ways to speak outside the company, like I did last through month's panel discussion.



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