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My First Taste of ToastSpot

Posted by Steve Haase

May 7, 2013, 10:01 AM

Loree_McDonaldThanks to Loree McDonald for the following guest post.

As with any new job, there are always challenges—what to wear, how to meet people, where’s the bathroom, etc. I’ve been working at HubSpot for about a month, and thankfully, as far as meeting people goes, the transition into HubSpot is made simpler by the sheer volume of things to do and ways to be involved. For me, one of the ways I sought to connect with others was by pursuing an interest in ToastSpot.

I attended my first meeting in mid-April, just two weeks into my time at HubSpot. I had heard Nick Salvatoriello speak about ToastSpot during one of our training presentations and was immediately intrigued by the organization. I’ve always valued public speaking as an asset and have been inspired by leaders and the way they're able to motivate teams with their delivery of a message. Although I consider public speaking a strength of mine, this was the perfect opportunity to sharpen my skills.

I sat in the back during the meeting (a fly-on-the-wall approach) and watched as the evening’s Toastmaster, Sarah Bedrick, led the group through the planned speeches, improv-Table Topics, feedback evaluations, and other meeting segments. Topics and experience varied between all participants, but every speech I heard was insightful and well-crafted.

It was very well organized, and I was impressed by the genuine interest and engagement each member showed for one another. Speakers valued the feedback given and encouraged those with less tenure to continue and improve—I wanted to step up, and I felt empowered to participate in the next meeting.

I look forward to coming to ToastSpot meetings throughout my time at HubSpot. I would love to learn how to motivate others through speech and how to respond eloquently when in a debate (one of my greatest struggles is conveying points during an energetic exchange).

A Request

To those members already #Toastspotting, I’d love to hear about your experience to help influence my Toastmasters journey. I’d love to know things like:

  • How has being part of Toastmasters contributed to success in your professional life?
  • What has been your most memorable speech or toast points moment?
  • What doors have been opened by your participation in ToastSpot?

Looking forward to the next meeting and to getting to know the organization!

Loree McDonald

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