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ToastSpot Elections Are Coming! Nominate Your Future Officers

Posted by Sarah Bedrick

May 22, 2014, 1:00 PM

The time has come.... elect yourself (or another qualified individual) to take the reigns of the ToastSpot wheel! We have officially opened up nominations for our next ToastSpot year.

With more than 43 active ToastSpotters, we've all developed a lot of great momentum behind this program at HubSpot. And we'd love for you to step up to the plate as a leader in the coming year.

So if you are interested (or know someone who is) in leading our group to public speaking and leadership bliss, now is your chance. 

Nominate yourself or someone else anonymously here.

Not quite sure if you're interested or what role might be right for you? Email or HipChat one of the existing officers - we're all ears and would love to help you find the right role.

You can also learn more about the roles on this wiki page

Nominate yourself or another ToastSpotter by June 5. Nominees will be contacted and confirmed after this date, and official elections will be held on June 19.

Lastly, thank you to all of our existing members who are part of the amazing support group of ToastSpotters that make ToastSpot a safe place to fail and grow.

Note: officers must be ToastSpot members and full-time HubSpot employees.

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Announcing the Winners of this Year's ToastPoint Competition

Posted by Sarah Bedrick

Apr 10, 2014, 3:12 PM


And the winners are...

Congratulations to the winners!


With a red carpet rolled out, a fun "step and repeat" photo banner, camera roll cut-outs and an all-star cast line-up for the evening, the "surprise theme" was easy for any attendee to guess - the movies

Every detail of the meeting was intricately woven into the theme, - no loose ends left untied here. There was an intricately crafted agenda including popcorn and drinks that sent every attendee straight to the comfy chairs of a movie theater. 


(Thanks Loree for creating a well thought-out agenda.)

Then as the festivities started, folks began to grab their seats as our Toastmaster Expert, Tyler Richer, took the stage to kick off the meeting with an appropriately-themed movie quote:

"There is only one rule of ToastSpot - don't talk about ToastSpot."

He set the stage nicely for what to expect for the evening and passed it over to Steve Haase to deliver not only the word of the day (Jovial) but also tell a wonderful joke about his family. 


The ToastPoint competition started.


There were 9 brave contestants in all. They were sent outside of the room with the order in which they would speak with no idea of what question they would have to answer.

And when called into the room, they'd have 1-2 minutes to answer the following question off the cuff:

"What movie character do you embody, and why?

What would your answer be?

As the competition began, the participants took the stage to provide their answers:

  1. Marc Amigone 
  2. Angela Hicks
  3. Brad Mampe 
  4. Jessica Webb
  5. Loree McDonald
  6. Meghan Pelletier
  7. Shawn Segundo
  8. Niti Shah
  9. Maggie Georgieva

The six judges ballots, including one for the tie-breaker were collected, and the ballot counters exited the room with the Chief Judge (me) to determine who was voted the winner. 


And the rest of the meeting continued. 


Guru and Nurah gave their second and sixth speech respectively. 

We had some of our top evaluator talent provide them with feedback - Anum Hussain and Nick Sal. 

Then we took to the specific feedback including our timing with Brian Weiss and crutch words with first time ToastSpotter Daniel Piet. 


Lastly, we reconvened to announce the winners.


Anybody who was there would be able to tell you how close of a competition it was - everybody brought their "a game." However there could only be one winner - and it came down to the tie-breaking judge's vote. As the 45 person audience provided a drum roll, Contest Chair, Emily Morgan, and I were able to congratulate the top three contestants of the evening: Marc, Meghan and Brad. 

Watch Marc's winning extemporaneous speaking ToastPoint speech here:


Watch Meghan's second place ToastPoint speech here:

 Watch Brad's ToastPoint speech:


The next level of competition will be April 15th from 6-9pm at the Verizon Center in Waltham. While Marc is unable to attend (he's speaking on behalf of HubSpot at a User Group), Meghan will be stepping into his place.

If you're interested in cheering on fellow HubSpotter/ToastSpotter, Meghan, let any one of the officers know and we'll find a car for you to carpool in. 

One last major shout out to all of the unofficial judges who joined and were able to provide the participants with unbiased advice on how they can improve their extemporaneous speaking skills. Thank you to Andrew Quinn, Michael Redbord, Cait Downey, Hannah Fleishman, Erik Devaney, Moe Connor, Angela DeFranco and Paula Turow. 








A Pre-Table Topics Competition Warmup

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Apr 4, 2014, 4:20 PM

As our fierce competitors waited to go present their Table Topics speeches, I threw the following warmup question their way:

If you could be any window, what kind of window would you be?

Absurd to say the least, but along with some power poses and shake-outs, this was just the thing to get them prepared.

The responses certainly impressed me; I could tell this would be quite the close and entertaining competition.


"I would be a french window. Because I'm classy."

- Niti Shah


Niti Shah

"I would be a tinted window, so I could see out but no one could see me."

- Jessica Webb


 Jessica Webb

"I would be a broken window, because when people get close to me, they get hurt."

- Shawn Segundo


Shawn Segundo 

"I would be a bay window, so that people could get a broad view and see many perspectives."

- Angela Hicks



"95. Because it's a classic."

- Brad "I'm a PC" Mampe


 brad mampe

"I would be a round window. Because I like circles."

- Maggie Georgieva

 Maggie Georgieva


Note: Not all contestants participated in this oh-so-fantastic warmup. They still all proved to be pretty fantastic in the actual competition. Stay tuned for a separate post on the results of the competition! Photo courtesy of club President Sarah Bedrick.

Now it's your turn - What kind of window would you be? Quick - you only have a moment to answer!


How to pick a memorable speech topic

Posted by Loree McDonald

Mar 17, 2014, 2:30 PM

So it's the week of your Toastmasters speech - and the only reason you remembered is because your mentor ping-ed you on HipChat and asked if you wanted to rehearse and get some feedback... Great! You're excited, you've been waiting, and now you have no idea how to pull it all together...

You begin frantically searching YouTube and Googling "Toastmasters Speech" and hoping someone has posted something revolutionary that will blow your audience away.


But that's not you - yes the interpretation on how the world would be if the black plague hadn't hit Europe is interesting, and sure you believe confidence and body language is important - but you're going to have to do hours of research to put this all together... and then memorizing those facts? Ugh. Skip that please.

Meanwhile... you've come onto some article on BuzzFeed about how Jennifer Lawrence is the most graceful clumsy celebrity. Have they already forgotten miss Bridget Jones? Well I guess she was a character.

 ....Anyway... I wish I could just present about BuzzFeed....

Wait - YOU CAN!


That's the beauty of the Toastmasters program - you can literally speak about anything (use good judgment) and use the manual as a structure for planning out your speech and the objectives you want to hit.

The idea within Toastmasters is to deliver speeches that are passionate and informative and compelling. If you're passionate about BuzzFeed, tell us! If you know a ton about bioluminescent creatures - share what you know! If you have a compelling story about your gluten-free adventure, bring it on.


Be yourself. Be confident.And take some risks!
Some of the most memorable speeches come from a little risk taking. Why not share? 


How to Get Started With HubSpot’s Toastmasters in 4 Easy Steps

Posted by Adam Gerard

Sep 9, 2013, 11:49 AM

Adam Gerard discussing scrapple at Toastspot during his 4th speech.We’ve all been there: You want to improve your speaking skills, whether it’s public speaking or just sounding better on the phone. You know HubSpot has a Toasmasters group (named “Toastspot,” naturally) and it sounds like a great idea, but everything after that is a little hazy.

Let’s clear up some of that haze. Here’s how to get started with Toastspot in 4 easy steps.

1) Fill Out a Landing Page
This is HubSpot afterall so why shouldn’t step 1 involve a Landing Page:

Yes I'm Interested in Becoming a Toastspot Member!

What does filling out this Landing Page mean? Well, it tells us you’re interested in learning more about Toastspot, and thinking about attending your first meeting. The Toastspot officers will get an email that you’ve signed up and that day you’ll get a message from one of them (email, HipChat, or someone might even walk over to your desk and shake your hand to welcome you to Toastmasters).

We will also put you into a friendly nurturing campaign giving you some additional information about how Toastspot works.

2) Come to a Meeting!
Seriously, just come to a meeting. Toastmasters meets every other Thursday downstairs in Benioff (with a Speech Marathon one Friday every month during lunch). Check out the Toastspot signup sheet to see which next Thursday evening is right for you.

If you’re nervous, don’t worry about speaking at all. When you’re ready, there will be plenty of opportunities, but when you actually step up in front of the group is all up to you. In fact, if the mood strikes you while at your first meeting, raise your hand during the Table Topics section and you can volunteer to speak impromptu for 1-2 minutes.

3) Sign Up for a Role (when you’re ready)
The main focus of Toastmasters is having the opportunity to get up in front of a group of people to speak, but that speaking opportunity doesn’t have to be a prepared speech. Sure, you can sign up for one and begin your path to becoming a Competent Communicator. Though maybe you’re not quite ready for that. It’s OK.

Every Toastspot meeting involves lots of smaller but vital speaking roles. This is not a complete list, but just a taste to help you get an understanding of how meetings work (and maybe give you inspiration to sign up for one):

  • Humorist/Thought of the Day: This speaking role gets the meeting started with an inspirational thought or a funny joke or story. This is a quick speaking opportunity; 1-3 minutes. A very low pressure opportunity to step up in front of the group for the first time, perhaps?

  • Word of the Day: Before our speeches start, this person stands up and chooses a word for speakers to attempt to use. As part of this role, you pick the word, provide a definition and use it in an example sentence. All-in-all, this should take 1-2 minutes. Another quick, low pressure role. It is fun when speakers find a way to fit the Word of the Day into their talks; always get a cheer from the audience.

  • Speeches: Every Toastspot meeting involves the main speeches portion. Usually there will be 3 members ready to give one of ten speeches on the track to becoming a “Competent Communicator.” Each speaker is assigned an evaluator to provide friendly feedback. Once you’re an official member, we will get you a Toastmasters booklet so you can learn more about the goals for each speech and get started with your first.

  • Table Topics: Table Topics is about developing your ability to organize your thoughts quickly and respond to an impromptu question or topic. The Topicmaster will get up and give a theme for this meeting’s Table Topics and explain the instructions. Maybe speakers will pull a piece of paper from a hat, or pull a random object from a bag, or some other creative device. Then we take volunteers to get up and speak for 1-2 minutes on whatever topic you’re randomly assigned. There’s no pressure here; no evaluations. Just a great opportunity to overcome your nerves and speak off the cuff briefly.

  • Timer: Part of public speaking is staying within your allotted time. The timer will keep track of everyone’s speaking length and provide color warnings to the speaker as time approaches. You will also have an opportunity to stand up and let each speaker know how on time they were.

  • Ah/Uh Counter: Crutch words -- everyone has them. Ah, uh, like, so, ya know. This person is responsible for counting each speaker’s various crutch words and letting the speaker know the count during the evaluation section.

4) Keep coming to meetings!
Once you’ve come to your first meeting, don’t stop. Toastmasters is like going to the gym...wait, you’ve heard that one before? But it’s true! The more meetings you attend, the more opportunities you can take to stand up in front of people to practice your speaking, the better you will become.

We look forward to seeing you at our next Toastspot meeting!

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Your 2013 ToastSpot Officer Candidates & Winners!

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jun 20, 2013, 8:13 PM

Update: The votes are in! Winners have been noted below.

Happy election day! At tonight's meeting (6pm in the Training Room), we'll vote on your new leaders of HubSpot Toastmasters. Join us for this special meeting and have your voice heard!

Let's meet the candidates!

Without further ado, I present to you the candidates running for leadership positions for the Toastmasters 2013-2014 year: (Congratulations to the winners, who have been highlighted in orange.)

  • President: Sarah Bedrick
  • VP Education: Marc Amigone, Maggie Georgieva, Nick Salvatoriello
  • VP Membership: Amy Ullman
  • VP Marketing*: Marc Amigone
  • Treasurer: Ellie Mirman
  • Secretary: Adam Gerard, Anand Rajaram
  • Sergeant of Arms: Chris LoDolce, Loree McDonald
  • New Member Chair: Loree McDonald, Anand Rajaram, Anna Siradze, Lindsay Thibeault
  • Member Education Chair: Adam Gerard, Nick Salvatoriello, Anna Siradze
  • Speaker Program Chair: Steve Haase


Hey... there are some people running for more than one position!

Yes, candidates were allowed to run for up to two positions. In the event that they receive the most votes for both positions, they've selected their first choice and the other role will go to the next runner up.

And there are some positions with only one candidate...

Yes, you may be tempted to congratulate them already, but let's hold our applause till the end :)

There actually is one potential wildcard role (*) because that candidate is also running for another role. In the event that he wins for the other position, this one will be vacant and we'll run a very special wildcard election on the spot! Any available candidates will be allowed to throw their hat in the ring for this role for this last minute election.

Can't make it to the meeting but want your voice heard?

You can request an absentee ballot from Ellie Mirman today (email me or stop by my desk in the big Marketer room far corner nook). The only requirement is that you return your completed ballot by 5pm in order for us to count it with the in-meeting ballots.

On top of elections, we'll also have:

  • A special Electoral Edition of ToastPoints:  Mike Lemire will be emceeing, giving nominees the opportunity to strut their stuff and demonstrate exactly why they are best Toastmaster for the job.
  • Three awesome speeches:
    • Brand new Inbound Marketing Professor Lindsay Thibeault came to HubSpot less than two months ago, and wasted no time joining Toastmasters. She will be delivering her Ice Breaker Speech on her life changing experiences studying abroad. 
    • VAR Huntress extraordinaire, Anna Siradze wowed us with her first speech a few weeks ago, and we cannot wait to see what she brings for her sophomore effort.
    • Inbound Marketing Professor Sarah Bedrick will give her 10th speech, making her ToastSpot's second Competent Communicator. Come cheer her on and prepare to be inspired!
  • Beer and snacks (ok, the usual stuff from the kitchen) galore!


See you tonight!


It's Election Season! Announcing ToastSpot Elections 2013

Posted by Ellie Mirman

May 16, 2013, 9:30 AM

vote-vaguelyartisticIt's hard to believe that another year has passed for HubSpot Toastmasters. It's election season again, which means we're looking for our next crop of officers to lead our growing group.

Whether you're considering taking on an officer role or you simply want to be an informed voter, here's all the info you need.

Election Season Timeline

  • Thursday, May 16: Nominations Open - Nominate yourself or another ToastSpotter to be an officer here.
  • Thursday, June 6: Open House - All HubSpotters are welcome to come see what ToastSpot is all about. We'll also have all of our officers in attendance so anyone interested in taking a role can ask questions about any of the roles.
  • Friday, June 14: Nominations Due
  • Thursday, June 20: Elections - Cast your vote and join the live meeting to be first to hear the results of the elections! (Note: there will be a remote voting option for official members.)

Why be an officer?

There are three levels of participation in Toastmasters: (1) attend meetings and participate as you like, (2) become an official member (HubSpot is sponsoring the memberships!) to do prepared speeches and earn certification, (3) be an officer and help make the group awesome.

Benefits to being an officer:

  1. Take a leadership role at HubSpot - Get recognized as a leader at HubSpot and prepare yourself for other leadership roles that become available.
  2. Get experience running a program - Toastmasters is a self-supported group of HubSpotters, and the leaders of the group make it happen. You have the opportunity to make it into something awesome and get the experience of building something.
  3. Boost your resume - In addition to the resume-building benefits of participating and getting certified at Toastmasters, being an officer (and showing what you've accomplished in that role) can pump up your resume.

What are the positions?

All positions are open for elections!

  1. President:
    • Serves as the club's CEO, responsible for general operation of the club. Directs the club in a way that meets the educational growth and leadership needs of members.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current President: Ellie Mirman
  2. VP Education:
    • Promotes the educational benefits of Toastmasters participation and orients new members to the club. Each member gets a mentor (another member) that works with them and pushes them in their leadership and communication goals. Supports the evaluators to make sure they know how to provide great evaluations to speakers. Administers speech contests and other activities to promote the growth and participation of members.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current VP Education: Maggie Georgieva
  3. VP Membership:
    • Plans, organizes, and implements a continuous marketing efforts, ensuring the club maintains or exceeds 20 members. Works with groups inside and outside Toastmasters to promote club membership and membership retention. Prepares and maintains membership lists, dues payments, and attendance reports for Toastmasters International.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current VP Membership: Sarah Bedrick
  4. VP Marketing:
    • Develops, implements, and executes on marketing activities for the club (both inside and outside HubSpot). Responsible for any marketing of the club and representing the club in any media.
    • Quesitons about this role? Ask the current co-VPs Marketing: Nick Salvatoriello and Steve Haase
  5. Treasurer:
    • Manage all the finances of the group, including managing the dues payments (sponsored by HubSpot) and any other expenses and budget the group may have.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current Treasurer: Amy Ullman
  6. Secretary:
    • Responsible for all club records and correspondence. Keeps all official club documents and submits updated membership and officer records to Toastmasters International. Records minutes at officer meetings and orders any Toastmasters supplies.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current Secretary: Anand Rajaram
  7. Sergeant of Arms:
    • Serves as the master host, preparing any physical space requirements (booking rooms, having chairs, etc.) for club meetings and supports any social events planned by the club.
    • Questions about this role? Ask the current Sergeant of Arms: Brittany Leaning
  8. New Member Chair:
    • Works with the VP Membership to bring on new members - welcoming guests to meetings and encouraging interested prospects to become new members, set their goals, and get connected with a mentor.
    • This is a new role! Since this person will work with the VP Membership, direct your questions to our current officer: Sarah Bedrick
  9. Member Education Chair:
    • Works with the VP Education to ensure that members are reaching their personal and professional goals. Supports the mentorship program, club meeting attendance, and overall health of the member base.
    • This is a new role! Since this person will work the VP Education, direct your questions to our current officer: Maggie Georgieva
  10. Speaker Program Chair:
    • Acts as the liaison with the Speaker Program Manager on the marketing team and helps interested ToastSpotters qualify for external speaking opportunities and get those opportunities.
    • This is a new role! Direct your questions to our interim speaker program manager: Ellie Mirman

All officers meet periodically to plan and execute on club operations and growth.

Submit Your Nomination!

Photo by Vaguely Artistic


What to Expect from a HubSpot Toastmasters Meeting

Posted by Sarah Bedrick

Mar 18, 2013, 9:00 AM


Toastmasters is an International speaking group with over 4 million members globally. 

And while most of the reasons people join Toastmsaters is the same - to improve public speaking skills, improve leadership, or meet new people - there are no two chapters that are alike, especially when you throw HubSpot into the mix.

Here is a great video of what to expect when attending a HubSpot Toastmasters meeting:

A little logistics about the HubSpot Meeting:

  • They're 1 hour long
  • They're the first and third Thursday of every month
  • And all are welcome to join and just listen in - or participate

Before the meeting, club members sign up for a varying degree of roles (on our HubSpot Google Doc) - so that when the meeting commences, everybody is aware of the role they're contributing to make for an incredible meeting.

The roles that people can sign up for are below - and are in the order in which they appear in the meeting, as well:

  • Toastmaster: 
    The Toastmaster of the meeting is essentially the night's MC. They open up the evening by welcoming the attendees, announcing a meeting theme (if they so choose to have one) and are in charge of making sure the night runs smoothly. Once they've opened up the meeting, they begin working through the evenings agenda with the different roles. 
  • Thought of the Day/Humorist (2-3 minutes): 
    The first speaker of the evening, the purpose of this role is to start off the meeting with a profound thought, or a light-hearted joke whether it's a personal experience or something they've recently
  • Word of the Day (1-2 Minutes):
    One of the less dynamic roles, this person is in charge of bringing a word that can help encourage the members of the group to expand their vocabulary. Words that usually work well are verbs or adjectives as they're easier to work into a conversation.
  • Speeches (5- Minutes per piece, 3 total):
    The Toastmaster will then proceed into the speech section. The speeches usually come from the Competent Communicator handbook - and are introduced based on the introduction in which the
    speech giver has written.
  • Toast Points (1-2 Minutes):
    At HubSpot, we refer to this section as Toast Points. However, throughout the Toastmaster's organization, they're called Table Topics. This section is where members can focus on their extemporaneous speaking abilities, meaning, speaking off the cuff. We've done improv, asked questions, debates and even pretended to host our own episode of HubSpot TV before to help expand our impromptu speaking abilities.
  • General Evaluator:
    The General Evaluator is the MC for the evaluation portion. Part of Toastmasters is not just speaking, but learning form it and becoming a better presenter - and evaluator.

    This role also evaluates the meeting as a whole and how it has progressed thus far.
  • Evaluators (2-3 Minutes):
    The evaluators evaluate the main speakers, based on the Toastmaster's Member Guide.
  • Timer (1-3 Minutes):
    The job of the timer is to monitor the time for each speech and signal to the presenter how much time they have left. This role is a large part of each meeting - to keep us HubSpotters on track, but also to make sure people do not go over their allotted time - which can result in a disqualification in the case of a speech competition.
  • Ah/Um Counter (2-3 Minutes):
    Counts the number of times speakers use filler or crutch words.  
  • Grammarian (2-3 Minutes):
    The role of the Grammarian is to evaluate the word choice and use of improper grammar from the night's speakers.  



Top 5 Reasons to Join HubSpot Toastmasters

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Mar 7, 2013, 8:30 AM

awesome-street-moonlightbulbToastSpot, the HubSpot chapter of Toastmasters International, started in October 2011 as what was probably the first professional development opportunitiy for HubSpotters. Since then it's grown to be so much more and we have dozens of HubSpotters showing up to each meeting and special events like contests and field trips.

Why should you join ToastSpot? How about these 5 awesome reasons:

1. Improve your speaking skills.

Whether you're in marketing, sales, services, development, or any other department, Toastmasters is *the* way to improve your speaking skills. If nothing else, this is a great outlet to come practice speaking, work on specific skills from organizing your speech to leveraging vocal variety and visuals to delivering a persuasive, inspiring speech.

A number of HubSpotters are practicing to prepare for speaking engagements outside of HubSpot, but aside from that, each and every one of us has speaking opportunities in our day to day jobs - from weekly team meetings to monthly Smervices to sales and services calls with prospects and customers.

2. Develop your leadership skills.

In addition to the communication track of Toastmasters, which aims to develop your speaking skills over time, there are a lot of leadership opportunities - from being an officer (elected annually) who makes this club a reality to taking a role like the Evaluator or Table Topics Master at any meeting. 

Taking a leadership role at ToastSpot improves your leadership skills (such as leading a meeting or organizing an event or building a club) that you can use in your day-to-day job, while also getting you noticed by HubSpotters across the company. Building connections and getting noticed by HubSpotters across the company is a great way to pave the way for future career opportunities at HubSpot.

3. Get internationally recognized certifications.

Once you become an official member, you receive a book of speaking projects (speeches centered on developing specific speaking skills) and once you complete them, you receive an internationally recognized Competent Communicator certification. Similar to the Competent Communicator certification, as an official member you can complete leadership projects and receive the internationally recognized Competent Leadership certification. These two certifications are great to put on your resume and take with you beyond HubSpot.

4. Meet fellow HubSpotters.

While all of these other benefits are great, probably the #1 reason I love Toastmasters is for the opportunity to meet fellow HubSpotters. At the current size and pace of growth of the company, it can be hard to meet coworkers outside of your specific team. Toastmasters brings together HubSpotters from almost every department - sales, services, marketing, and product.

5. Participate in the External Speaking Program.

On top of building your speaking skills for all of the times you speak in front of a group already, you can volunteer to participate in the external speaking program. We've partnered with the PR team (that places HubSpotters for speaking engagements) to train and nominate new potential speakers for external speaking opportunities. HubSpot gets a lot of requests for speakers, and we can't supply our executives for smaller audiences, and at the same time, we've heard many HubSpotters express interest in taking such speaking engagements. By becoming a ToasSpot member, doing a number of speeches to demonstrate your ability, you can get placed in the rotation for future speaking opportunities of varying size and audience. Learn more about the external speaking program here.

Have other reasons that got you to join ToastSpot? Share them in the comments!

Photo credit: moonlightbulb


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