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What to Expect from a HubSpot Toastmasters Meeting

Posted by Sarah Bedrick

Mar 18, 2013, 9:00 AM


Toastmasters is an International speaking group with over 4 million members globally. 

And while most of the reasons people join Toastmsaters is the same - to improve public speaking skills, improve leadership, or meet new people - there are no two chapters that are alike, especially when you throw HubSpot into the mix.

Here is a great video of what to expect when attending a HubSpot Toastmasters meeting:

A little logistics about the HubSpot Meeting:

  • They're 1 hour long
  • They're the first and third Thursday of every month
  • And all are welcome to join and just listen in - or participate

Before the meeting, club members sign up for a varying degree of roles (on our HubSpot Google Doc) - so that when the meeting commences, everybody is aware of the role they're contributing to make for an incredible meeting.

The roles that people can sign up for are below - and are in the order in which they appear in the meeting, as well:

  • Toastmaster: 
    The Toastmaster of the meeting is essentially the night's MC. They open up the evening by welcoming the attendees, announcing a meeting theme (if they so choose to have one) and are in charge of making sure the night runs smoothly. Once they've opened up the meeting, they begin working through the evenings agenda with the different roles. 
  • Thought of the Day/Humorist (2-3 minutes): 
    The first speaker of the evening, the purpose of this role is to start off the meeting with a profound thought, or a light-hearted joke whether it's a personal experience or something they've recently
  • Word of the Day (1-2 Minutes):
    One of the less dynamic roles, this person is in charge of bringing a word that can help encourage the members of the group to expand their vocabulary. Words that usually work well are verbs or adjectives as they're easier to work into a conversation.
  • Speeches (5- Minutes per piece, 3 total):
    The Toastmaster will then proceed into the speech section. The speeches usually come from the Competent Communicator handbook - and are introduced based on the introduction in which the
    speech giver has written.
  • Toast Points (1-2 Minutes):
    At HubSpot, we refer to this section as Toast Points. However, throughout the Toastmaster's organization, they're called Table Topics. This section is where members can focus on their extemporaneous speaking abilities, meaning, speaking off the cuff. We've done improv, asked questions, debates and even pretended to host our own episode of HubSpot TV before to help expand our impromptu speaking abilities.
  • General Evaluator:
    The General Evaluator is the MC for the evaluation portion. Part of Toastmasters is not just speaking, but learning form it and becoming a better presenter - and evaluator.

    This role also evaluates the meeting as a whole and how it has progressed thus far.
  • Evaluators (2-3 Minutes):
    The evaluators evaluate the main speakers, based on the Toastmaster's Member Guide.
  • Timer (1-3 Minutes):
    The job of the timer is to monitor the time for each speech and signal to the presenter how much time they have left. This role is a large part of each meeting - to keep us HubSpotters on track, but also to make sure people do not go over their allotted time - which can result in a disqualification in the case of a speech competition.
  • Ah/Um Counter (2-3 Minutes):
    Counts the number of times speakers use filler or crutch words.  
  • Grammarian (2-3 Minutes):
    The role of the Grammarian is to evaluate the word choice and use of improper grammar from the night's speakers.  


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