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Your 2013 ToastSpot Officer Candidates & Winners!

Posted by Ellie Mirman

Jun 20, 2013, 8:13 PM

Update: The votes are in! Winners have been noted below.

Happy election day! At tonight's meeting (6pm in the Training Room), we'll vote on your new leaders of HubSpot Toastmasters. Join us for this special meeting and have your voice heard!

Let's meet the candidates!

Without further ado, I present to you the candidates running for leadership positions for the Toastmasters 2013-2014 year: (Congratulations to the winners, who have been highlighted in orange.)

  • President: Sarah Bedrick
  • VP Education: Marc Amigone, Maggie Georgieva, Nick Salvatoriello
  • VP Membership: Amy Ullman
  • VP Marketing*: Marc Amigone
  • Treasurer: Ellie Mirman
  • Secretary: Adam Gerard, Anand Rajaram
  • Sergeant of Arms: Chris LoDolce, Loree McDonald
  • New Member Chair: Loree McDonald, Anand Rajaram, Anna Siradze, Lindsay Thibeault
  • Member Education Chair: Adam Gerard, Nick Salvatoriello, Anna Siradze
  • Speaker Program Chair: Steve Haase


Hey... there are some people running for more than one position!

Yes, candidates were allowed to run for up to two positions. In the event that they receive the most votes for both positions, they've selected their first choice and the other role will go to the next runner up.

And there are some positions with only one candidate...

Yes, you may be tempted to congratulate them already, but let's hold our applause till the end :)

There actually is one potential wildcard role (*) because that candidate is also running for another role. In the event that he wins for the other position, this one will be vacant and we'll run a very special wildcard election on the spot! Any available candidates will be allowed to throw their hat in the ring for this role for this last minute election.

Can't make it to the meeting but want your voice heard?

You can request an absentee ballot from Ellie Mirman today (email me or stop by my desk in the big Marketer room far corner nook). The only requirement is that you return your completed ballot by 5pm in order for us to count it with the in-meeting ballots.

On top of elections, we'll also have:

  • A special Electoral Edition of ToastPoints:  Mike Lemire will be emceeing, giving nominees the opportunity to strut their stuff and demonstrate exactly why they are best Toastmaster for the job.
  • Three awesome speeches:
    • Brand new Inbound Marketing Professor Lindsay Thibeault came to HubSpot less than two months ago, and wasted no time joining Toastmasters. She will be delivering her Ice Breaker Speech on her life changing experiences studying abroad. 
    • VAR Huntress extraordinaire, Anna Siradze wowed us with her first speech a few weeks ago, and we cannot wait to see what she brings for her sophomore effort.
    • Inbound Marketing Professor Sarah Bedrick will give her 10th speech, making her ToastSpot's second Competent Communicator. Come cheer her on and prepare to be inspired!
  • Beer and snacks (ok, the usual stuff from the kitchen) galore!


See you tonight!

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